An instructive game that helps you better understand the world of electricity and the network's role in transporting electricity.

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Need For Grid puts you in control of managing one of humanity's most valuable resources: electricity! Take on the challenge! Build a reliable electrical grid that connects production (nuclear or renewable energy) and consumption (industrial or urban) in the fictional region where the game takes place. Keep your network going for years and years, no matter what the weather brings. Don't forget about environmental and social consequences!

To ensure that you don't encounter any obstacles when you deploy your network, listen to regional concerns and set up suitable partnerships with residents and communities:
  • Make sure that you work together with residents when building infrastructure so that they will accept it
  • Launch initiatives for promoting biodiversity

Don't forget about maintaining your facilities; this will allow you to derive the maximum long-term benefit from your network infrastructure, which is vital for keeping your electricity flowing.
  • Keep on top of network wear and tear and ageing
  • Make sure equipment is replaced

Finally, launch research and innovation projects and develop new components so that your network can make use of all the renewable energy sources.



if you choose to accept it

With the Need for Grid game, you can build your own electrical grid, creating a link between energy sources and those who need electricity!
Create new electric lines to link all your customers, whether they are producers or consumers:

  • Connect the new energy mix sources
  • Build the necessary infrastructure for an electricity transmission network

Use this network to provide them with the highest quality electricity, no matter what:
  • Make sure that electricity is flowing properly through the network
  • Maintain a balance between electricity production and consumption

You will have

a crack team

to help you take on this challenge!